Döberitzer Heide

Berlin Day Hike: Döberitzer Heide

Döberitzer Heide

Location: Dallgow-Döberitz – Hasenheider Berg – Champagnerberg – Upstallberg – Wolfsberg – Dallgow-Döberitz/ Weather: 26°C, a bright an sunny day / Distance: 24 km  / Animals spotted: goats, squirrels and butterflies / Special characteristics: The trail is very sandy. Gaiters would have been nice.

Döberitzer Heide

Döberitzer Heide


Döberitzer Heide

Berlin at the horizon.



The goats who stare at women. Again.

11.06.2016, 14-06 - 4-41-13 h

On the map you can see a lot of alternative trails. In reality you can’t use them because the are secured with two or three fences, one of them electric. So when you start and don’t want to go back the same way, you have to do at least 22 kms.


4 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Döberitzer Heide

  1. 22 km on sandy ways at a sunny day across a former Military Training ground sounds very hard. But nice flowers. I only know the part with the animals near the parking lot. From where do you get the ideas for your hiking trips?

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  2. This sounds nearly similar to my way for my weekend trips. And i thought i can get new ideas from you because i have already been to many areas in and around the City.

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