Berlin Day Hike: Teufelsmoor and Müggelberge

Maybe you have realized that Berlin is rather no mountainous region. Today I had to give my new shoes a try and so I decided to do a little “alpinism” at Berlin’s highest natural mountains: the impressing, up to 114 meters above sea level, Müggelberge. While standing at the summit cross I sent a picture to my hiking buddy Ernst in Austria to make him laugh about me. It worked.


If I hear moor I always think of creepy areas filled with fog where the sun won’t ever shine. The Teufelsmoor (Devils Moor) is silting up since some thousands of years and when you go there in bright sunshine like today, there is nothing scary at all.

With German thoroughness the Berlin forestry district had built something like a wooden highway through the moor which, in my opinion, will last until the final days of the silting.


On the way down to Langer See you will come across Schmetterlingshorst, one of the rare remaining traditional Beach Cafés with Eastern German attitude. You get your instant cappuccino with a whipping cream topping and the service is rude – and that’s just why I love it.


Location: Müggelturm, Müggelberge, Großer Müggelberg, Teufelsmoor, Teufelssee, Kanonenberge, Langer See, Müggelheim, Müggelsee, Kanonenberge, Müggelturm/ Weather: 18°C, a bright an sunny day / Distance: 17 km  / Mood: sunny / Animals spotted: swans, herons, ducks and dogs / a lot of Berliners by the lakes but not a soul in the “mountains”. Exception: at Müggelturm there was a big party with bad music and bouncy castles.

Map Müggelberge


11 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Teufelsmoor and Müggelberge

    • Thanks Serena. The service in such fancy, old establishments has always been poor. It’s kind of a tradition. If it changes to good service, you know that the area is gentrified. So I hope the service will stay like it is 🙂

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  1. Nice hike, i did not know that there is a cross on the mounintain top. The exibition at Schmettelingshorst with the Butterflys and Insects remember me to old stories from ancient explorations.

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