Gear Review: Ultralight Camp Shoes

I thought my Tevas where lightweight but when I put them on my kitchen scale I was kind of shocked about the 450g/pair. Additionally they are bulky and rather difficult to slip on. So I looked for a lighter alternative. At first I thought of hotel slippers (sensational 94g/pair!), but they would bust immediately when being confronted with rain. My reef flip-flops are at 216g/pair but I hate to have something between my toes and due to my narrow feet I always loose them.

So I decided to search for some shoes under the category “eva” (ultralight material used for sleeping pads and shoe soles) and I got this:

Crocs Isabella Sandal, Arena Athena, Birkenstock Madrid

Madrid EVA
Crocs Isabella Sandal


Slipper Slipper Sandal
material EVA EVA EVA + rubber
price 19 € 24 € 45 €
weight/pair  163g

evaluation (strongly subjective, for my narrow and twisted feet)

footing ***** ***** *****
fit ***** ***** *****
comfort ***** ***** *****
weight ***** ***** *****
design ***** ***** *****
size I tried 40 40 40

BTW: Nail polish is great to cover up black toe nails 🙂

I already had some Birkenstocks and it didn’t work well with us. My feet are to narrow and twisted and I don’t feel comfortable with its extremly pronounced footbed. But if you like Birkenstocks, you will love those ultralight ones.

The Arena Athena is just my width but the upper material is rather stiff.

I will go for the Crocs. They are really soft and comfortable and due to the straps on the back they stay on my feet without being complicated to put on.

(F**k. I’ll never get ultralight.)


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