Odenwald Hike: Minneburg and Margarethenschlucht

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Minneburg Neckargerach
There is a romantic legend about the Minneburg: Once upon a time there was a noblewoman called Minna von Horneck. She was supposed to be married to the Count of Schwarzenberg but madly in love with the poor but charming Knight Edelmut von Ehrenberg. She ran away and hid herself in a cave near to the actual Minneburg to wait on her Knight while he was on a crusade. But when he came back she was already to be dying. On her deathbed he promised her to build this castle in honor to their eternal love.
(In old German „Minne“ means love).
The Margarethenschlucht, a canyon with a waterfall near to Neckargerach, is quite an adventure to climb. My Mum did quite well and I think I was more nervous than she was.


Location: Minneburg, Neckargerach, Margarethenschlucht, Neckargerach/ Weather: 15°C, sunny, finally / Distance: 10 km / Height: 300m / Mood: frightened about Mum


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