Berlin Day Hike: Schwielowsee

Thought of the day (I):
Today, most of the time I went through planted forests. Prussian style, orthogonal, man made boringness. I always ask myself how trees survive, how they breath in this kind of environment. Maybe they adapt – like humans do – to hostile surroundings because they grew up in it.
But in this artificial habitat, natures revolution is even more striking. If I look at semi-decomposed trees lying on the ground, being eaten by mushrooms, insects and bacteria, I become aware of the forests power to disintegrate everything, to make it a part of the soil on which new life will grow.

If I would lay down on the mossy ground, how many time would it take to be digested?

Thought of the day (II):
Where the fuck is the sun?

Location: Ferch, Wietkieckenberg, Lienewitzsee, Caputh, Flottstelle, Schwielowsee, Ferch/ Weather: 6°C, rainy and cloudy / Distance: 14 km / Mood: coffee-high

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