Berlin Day Hike: Jungfernsee


Thought of the day:
Spring is coming and the light is changing. When I was in Scotland I noticed that kind of light already. The sun is shining but it isn’t a clear day with sharp-edged outlines and shadows. It is slightly misty and still grey-ish.

I noticed as well a change in my manner of taking photos. I’m less interested in the object in itself than in its context of light. The object is formed by light and without light, there is no object.

The same is true for all kind of situations. Every interpretation of an action depends on how someone sees the world, every situation will be judged by different people differently. The situation is formed by the observer and without an observer there is no situation. Different observer, different situation.

It’s always a miracle if people understand each other.

There can never be any real understanding.
There are only useful and less useful misunderstandings.
– Steve de Shazer

Location: Groß Glienicke, Sacrower See, Jungfernsee, Krampnitzsee, Groß Glienicke / Weather: 5°C, sunny and hazy / Distance: 18 km / Mood: hungry

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