MYOG: Warm butt hiking skirt

During winter I always hike in tights but if it’s really cold my butt is freezing. So I wanted something simple to put on. This skirt is really cosy and nifty. It got one of my preferred winter pieces. I recommend it as well for biking.
Sorry guys, no warm butt for you. Or maybe you’re bold enough? 🙂

You need (Size M):

  • 40×130 cm of stretchy fleece 260g/m2, I recommend a wind resistant and smooth outside (polartec)
  • 2x 5×5 cm of the same fleece for the button reinforcement
  • 1x 5×5 cm strong cotton or denim for the button reinforcement
  • 1 press button

Costs: 6 €
Weight: 131g (4,6 oz)

18 thoughts on “MYOG: Warm butt hiking skirt

  1. I just spent a few hours obsessing over your blog!
    Wonderful photography, insanely cute designs, functional ultralight gear – I’m hooked!
    Thank you for the wonderful content!

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    • Thanks for mentioning my favorite piece of winter hiking wardrobe! Next time I would definitely work with two press buttons (another one on the inside).

      When winter comes I’ll try a new model and post it (:


  2. Ohh I’m soo excited to make this! Thank you soo much for posting such an awesome piece. I love to wear feminine hiking pieces, but still be practical, and have what I wear to look unique and natural. This will be perfect 😀 ❤


  3. I hope this gets through… love the skirt and think I could handle the dyi. Any chance you have written instructions somewhere, dimensions, etc.??
    I would do much better with directions to follow.

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    • Hi Sherry, no, I’m sorry, as I did it myself. You have the measures in the article, they are for European size 38. So maybe you will have to adapt them. It is a bit more than 1,5 times your hip circumference. The instructions would be: Cut out, seam the seams, get the button in as shown in the pictures.


      • Thanks, sorry for my two messages. I was having trouble with WordPress. I might try a 2-layer wrap of polar fleece lining with nylon exterior so that the velcro wouldn’t stick to the fleece. While the wrap is less stretchy with a nylon cover, the velcro offers some give.

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