MYOG: Ultralight Rain Gaiters

I hate wearing rain trousers because they are very uncomfortable and as I wear a raincoat instead of a jacket which in general is enough during light rain, I wanted to be protected from getting cold during heavy rain. So I thought of leaving out the top of the trousers and just wearing very long gaiters.

You need: 

  • 2x 55×60 cm of Silnylon 37g/m2
  • 4x 35cm thick elastic edge binding (red), the upper one must be really tight to stay in place, the other one is only a an elastic ring which you can place where you think it’s the most comfortable while hiking
  • 2x 25 cm elastic strap (must be wide enough to pull it over your hiking shoes)
  • 1x silikon seam seal

Costs: 7€

weight: 49g


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