If Old Trees Could Tell Their Story


Yesterday I crossed a more than 400 year old oak tree in Berlins biggest city forest , the Grunewald. She stands near to Großes Fenster a small beach with a great view approximately 1 km north of the land bridge to Schwanenwerder.

Passing older trees, did you ever think of what this creatures have already seen in their lives?


What is this trees history?

  • At first – like every existing tree today – she was lucky because she was the one who survived the competition with thousands of other oak tree seedlings and the appetite of animals.
  • In the beginning of the 17th century she was born right into the Thirty Year’s War where half of the early Berliners where killed and the city has been nearly destroyed.
  • This was a time where the tuberculosis killed millions of people, where the inquisition and the persecution of witches took place, where Shakespeare wrote Macbeth and where Copernicus’ claim, that earth revolves around the sun, was reinforced by Galileo, a discovery that pretty much rocked world’s history.
  • The oak saw Napoleons entrance to Berlin and the beginning of the industrialization.
  • A lot of trees where cut down in this time but the Berliners started to realize the value and the beauty oft he forest. They protestet and the Grunewald became a protectet area from there on. Today it is the biggest city forest in Germany.
  • During the second world war the oak stood in the middle of a battlefield between russian and german soldiers.
  • After WW2 she was a part of West Berlin, while her colleagues on the other shore of the Havel and only some kilometers more, where suddenly part of another country. In 1989 the wall came down and they where fellows again.


Today the oak still stands there. Peaceful and dignified in the garden of the German Water Lifesavers Society (DLRG).

Go and listen to the stories she has to tell.



Berlin Day Hike: Sunny Sharpness At Tegeler See

Location: Bernauer Strasse – Uferpromenade – over the Borsigdammbrücke – Greenwichpromenade – Tegeler Hafenbrücke – until the “archaic Archangel” – and back / Distance: 8,5 km / from city center: 14 km / northwest / Weather: 22 °C, sunny with massive clouds  / Camera: Nikon D90, 35 mm lens

DSC_0789 2DSC_0821DSC_0801DSC_0798DSC_0819DSC_0769DSC_0775DSC_0811DSC_0808DSC_0813DSC_0776DSC_0827DSC_0831DSC_0770

Odenwald Trip: Schloss Lichtenberg









Odenwald Hike: A Sea Of Rocks – The Felsenmeer

The Felsenmeer is an enormous agglomeration of huge rocks which is hundreds of millions of years old. Due to the continental drift this strange formation build up and shows us earth’s history ever since. At least since we are here 🙂 Some of the rocks have even been sculpted by the ancient romans. We have been there to explore the rocks and the surroundings.











Family Reunion






Odenwald Trip: Timbered Houses And Everyday People In Mosbach



Everyday People “Alltagsmenschen”


Odenwald Trip: Schloss Zwingenberg And Wolfsschlucht





Berlin Day Hike: Happy Spiders and Butterflies Day At Möllensee



If you look at the map you might wonder why I took the forest highways instead of the single trail paths. Starting my hike on a summerly overgrown path on the shore of Möllensee I soon got attacked by thousands of spiders hanging between the trees waiting on prey. And guess what: I hate spiders. I than grabbed a stick and used it like a windscreen wiper in front of me to not walk into a spiderweb again. What shall I say. It didn’t work out so well. I already had blisters on my wiping hand when I decided to leave the single track to the bicycle trail. Perish of insects? My ass. I was covered from top to toe in a thick sweaty layer of Anti-Brumm (containing 30% deet) except on the spots where my shorts and shirt was. The little bastards bit me through the denim material of the shorts.



After the little hamlet of Kagel I crossed the forest on a dirt road and saw millions of butterflies on the sides. That reconciled me again with the insect world. Because guess what: I love butterflies.



The magic world of mushrooms:DSC_0474DSC_0534DSC_0468DSC_0518DSC_0461DSC_0459DSC_0457DSC_0470DSC_0450


Location: Alt Buchhorst/Grünheide (Mark) – Western shore of Möllensee – Elsensee – Baberowsee – Kagel – trough the forest to Kiessee – Alt Buchhorst / Distance: 15 km / from city center: 45 km/east / Weather: 27 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 55-300mm lens




Brandenburg By Bike: The Green Jungles North Of Berlin

First time since a very long time by bike! You can already guess what that means to my butt :-). The advantage of biking is clearly that you are able to make bigger distances and see more different landscapes but on some occasions I had the impression we where going too fast. I guess I missed a lot of things happening next to me in the slopes and on the wayside. On some others – and this was completely my fault – I would have wished to go faster :-).

Along Kopenhagen Radwanderweg to Zehdenick





Deer hiding in the fields






From Zabelsdorf to Gransee







Location: Starting in Oranienburg on the “Radwanderweg Berlin – Kopenhagen” – Oranienburg – Bernöwe – Liebenwalde – Zehdenick – Zabelsdorf (here we quit the route to spend the night at a friends house and continued the next day) – Wentow – Zühlsdorf – Gransee  / Distance: 60 km / from city center: 45 km / north / Weather: 17 °C, rainy and cloudy / Camera: Fuji X20