Berlin Day Hike: What Nature Does in June

We walked around Ihlandsee on a bright sunny day and I almost forgot to post those photos which show nature in full bloom.

Make your own Hippie Festival

So just for your inspiration: We did this first last year and this year, as everybody was stuck in the middle of covid19 measurements and did not see a lot of people, it was more important for everyone of us than ever. We called it the Body&Soul Festival. We have been nine people this year and everyone had to make a distribution for the three days together. Show the others something, invite them to create. We had yoga lessons, zen meditation, thai massage workshop, printing workshop, macramee workshop, salsa dancing class and, as always, the best food ever. I recommend doing this with your best friends at least once a year.


Berlin Day Hike: Stafsee And Eichendorfer Mühle

Autumn is near. The air is not yet full of mushroomy smells, but there is this light and those colors. Nature did it again.


The Garden In August And A Lot Of Squirrels

What a lush summer. The garden was so happy and green in August. And when the hazelnuts were ripe, Wolfgang and his squirrel-colleagues went crazy. Who finds the woodpecker in the pictures?