Bauhaus: Primacy Of Function?

On our way back from the wedding we had a short stop in Dessau and for the first time I saw the Bauhaus buildings—which I knew well, but only from books–—in reality. This visit made quite an impression on me and I started thinking if the form follows function rule, like it is used today, […]

The Great Indoors: Why I Don’t Post New Hikes Right Now

We are living in Berlin, this big and always busy city and it’s getting more and more crowded in the last years. So we decided to take a big step to buy a house outside of the city in the forest. First as a weekend home later maybe as our small, private Florida.

After some research we found an old house on a big  estate in a tiny settlement in the forest at the borders of a small town in the east of Berlin, I fell in love with it and he found it very reasonable. I guess he fell in love with it too, and I find it reasonable as well but the tendencies are quite clear (-:.

In 1927 architect and plasterer Kurt Milius build the house, small but with kind of a cosmopolite grandezza  – with a dome in the living room, waffled ceilings, built-in closets and rounded corners in vestibule – and his wife Charlotte lived there until she deceased at the age of 102.






She was quite a collector of things and so our first move was to separate the good from the nasty. He found much more things to be nasty than I did and burned them in secret and I saved them in secret for their second life.

This is us just after having received the keys:


And just after it we started to declutter big style. IMG_9953IMG_9906IMG_9962DSC_0025DSC_0993DSC_0017





Then we started to remove the centuries old wallpaper from the walls. We found quite some interesting articles from the 1930s underneath. About vacations in Sweden or on the rise of the Third Reich.
Thankfully my best friend Silvia was here to help for the Easter Weekend. She was my big motivation. Later on Saturday, Christian came to paint the very high waffled ceiling with paint primer. What a blessing to have such friends when you can’t feel your arms anymore.





Than we started painting …

The Bedroom: Unknown-3IMG_9996IMG_0002IMG_0003[1]IMG_0108IMG_0110Unknown


The Living Room:



The Dining Room:


The Guest Room:




And while we worked, spring came to our garden without knocking:





The Wedding Of Karin And Benne

Bride and GroomDSC_0778DSC_0789






Friends & Family





 The Next Generation







Berlin Day Hike: Along Werbellinkanal In The Winter Sun




















In Eichhorst next to the lock we had a short meal with simple but very tasty fish variations at the Schorfheider Fischexpress. Also the take away smoked fish is very good. But please pass on the espresso, it’s made out of coffee powder. Yuck.



Location: Pechteichsee – around Grabowsee, eastern shore – (there is a little bushwhacking) – Rosenbeck – along Werbellinkanal – Eichhorst – back trough the forest and along the western shore of Grabowsee / Distance: 13 km / Public Transport: There is a bus from Eberswalde to Eichhorst, but from Berlin Center it’s rather complicated / from city center: 60 km / East / Weather: -3 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 18-105 mm lens